Video shows off Fire-type’s cool glowing tail.

Within the Pokémon video games, getting your own Charmander isn’t particularly hard. The Fire-type is one of the original three starters you can choose from right at the start of the first game, and even in sequels it’s not a particularly rare or difficult-to-catch species.

It’s a different story here in the real world, though. When Japanese Twitter user @kagerou_honey decided he wanted a Charmander, he knew it wasn’t going to do him any good to go looking for wild specimens or keep his fingers crossed that a local research center would give him one. So he did the only thing he could: he made his own Charmander, and made it life-size too!

Using a 3-D printer @kagerou_honey designed and printed the Pokémon’s head, body, and limbs including its tail, then put everything together and painted it. If it were standing upright his Charmander would be 60 centimeters (23.6 inches) tall, matching the exact same size as the species is listed as in its official Pokédex profile, meaning that when @kagerou_honey posed for a picture with it, it looks just like it would when a travelling Pokémon trainer makes camp in the wilds for the evening.

An especially cool touch is the tip of the tail (which is 70 centimeters off the ground). For this part, @kagerou_honey used a semi-clear resin with an LED light inside, and when it’s switched on, it glows like Charmander’s tail really is on fire.

▼ A work-in-progress preview of the tail

And in a pretty amazing coincidence, @kagerou_honey’s Charmander weighs 8.7 kilograms (19.2 pounds), which is just 200 grams above its Pokédex-listed weight.

▼ Charmander prior to painting

Seeing Charmander brought into the real world in life-size scale brought out plenty of Poké-praise from commenters:

“That’s too awesome!”
“The pose is perfect too!”
“I so want to catch it!”
“Whoa, Red is looking pretty old in that camping photo!”

“Haha I hit middle age sometime between leaving now and when I left Pallet Town,” laughs @kagerou_honey in regard to the last observation, but hopefully his continuing journey means he’ll share pictures of other life-size Pokémon in the future.

Source: Twitter/@kagerou_honey via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@kagerou_honey
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