And he’s not the only Electric-type Pokémon that can juice up your real-world phone.

Having a Pikachu living in your house would, as any Pokémon fan knows, be both awesome and adorable. What it’s easy to forget, though, is how convenient it would be too.

With pretty much all of us having multiple hi-tech devices we regularly use as part of our modern lifestyles, Pikachu, an Electric-type Pokémon, would be an incredibly handy helper in keeping them juiced up. Plus, Pikachu charging would be wireless, making the whole process even smoother and easier.

But unfortunately, with Pikachu being an anime/video game character, there’s no way to enjoy those benefits here in the real world…or so we thought.

Japanese Twitter user Nendo Yoshirin (@plasmaclusterha) wasn’t willing to accept a world where his gadgets aren’t charged by Pikachu, and so he decided to do something about it by installing a wireless charging pad inside a life-size Pikachu statue!

All he has to do is slide his phone in between Pikachu’s arm and cheek, and the Pokémon mascot begins transferring energy to the device.

Now, if you’re wondering where Nendo Yoshirin found a Pikachu figure so perfectly posed for this purpose, the answer is that he didn’t. Nendo is the Japanese word for “clay,” and Nendo Yoshirin also goes by the name Clay Yoshirin, so as you now might have guessed, he sculpted the Pikachu figure entirely from scratch, and painted it too.

▼ This video from Nendo Yoshirin’s YouTube channel, made in collaboration with comedy group Fischer’s, documents the production process from start to finish.

▼ The moment where Pikachu starts charging can be seen here.

Of course, Pikachu isn’t the only Electric-type Pocket Monster, and so this isn’t the only Pokémon wireless charger that Nendo Yoshirin has made, either. A little over a year ago, he crafted a Pichu charger.

Of course, considering some of the things that have happened in the Pokémon anime, we can’t rule out the possibility that the Pichu and Pikachu chargers are actually the same Pokémon, just at different life stages.

Source: Twitter/@plasmaclusterha
Top image: Twitter/@plasmaclusterha
Insert images: Twitter/@plasmaclusterha (1, 2), YouTube/ねんどよしりん Clay yoshirin Pokémon Clay Art
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