Now you can have Studio Ghibli’s favourite out-of-breath dog in your own home.

Fans of Studio Ghibli will know that when it comes to official merchandise, there’s no place better to look than Ghibli-licensed specialty shop Donguri Kyowakoku (“Acorn Republic”). In the past, they’ve delighted us with merchandise we never knew we even needed, like Soot Sprite erasers and Calcifer rings.

Like Calcifer, Donguri Kyowakoku’s latest offering is also from Howl’s Moving Castle, in the form of Madam Suliman’s wheezing errand dog Hin.

The figure is the latest in Donguri Kyowakoku’s line of ‘Mi~tsuketa!’ (“I fou~nd you!”) figures. The collection has seen characters from various Studio Ghibli series re-imagined as home decor items, with the goal of making it seem like the characters are there in your house. There’s an impressive attention to detail in the ‘Mi~tsuketa! Howl’s Moving Castle Hin‘ figure, too; Hin’s size and appearance make it seem like he could start padding his way around at any moment.

Hin is a ‘life-size’ model, with his dimensions coming in at 530 millimeters (20 inches) in length and 425 millimeters (16.7 inches) in width. He is made from polyester resin and stainless steel.

▼ The attention to detail is incredible, right down to the colour of his claws.

Mi~tsuketa! Howl’s Moving Castle Hin costs 44,000 yen (US$347) is available for pre-order from May 28, and customers who pre-order from the online store are eligible for free shipping. While the price might mean not everyone will be quick to snap it up, we can think of two Howl’s Moving Castle fans who this adorable figure would be absolutely perfect for.

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Source, images: PR Times
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