Manga creator draws Marie Antoinette wearing bra and vowing to “bloom into full glory.”

Japanese lingerie maker Wacoal describes the theme for its Salute sub-brand as “dramatic sexy,” and roses are a frequent motif in its designs. Drama and roses, it just so happens, are also prevalent elements in Rose of Versailles, creator Riyoko Ikeda’s epic manga/anime tale of romance and upheaval set during the buildup to the French revolution.

Because of that, Ikeda and Salute decided to work together, and the result is a new line of Rose of Versailles lingerie.

Ikeda herself oversaw the design of the collection, with the team seeing main characters Marie Antoinette and Oscar François de Jarjayes as emblematic of the strong and sexy aura Salute wants to create through its intimate apparel. That desire for elegant allure means you won’t find character artwork fabric prints of Rose of Versailles logos on the items. Instead, Ikeda’s aim was to incorporate the fluttering rose petals and opulent ornamentation of courtly attire that regularly fill the pages of her manga into the collaborative bras and panties.

As proof of how well they fit the aesthetics of the Rose of Versailles world, Ikeda has created illustrations of her characters modeling a few of the designs, as with Marie Antoinette below saying “Blossoming at my breast is the noble rose called Salute.”

▼ For the record, Salute’s bras aren’t necessarily meant to be worn sticking out from above the neckline (a fashion called misebura in Japanese), but we suppose being the princess of France means you can do whatever you want.

The bras pictured above are part of Salute’s 73 Group push-up/lift-up bra line. For something less flashy but still luxuriously lacy there’s also the 74 Group selection, which is available as either a “real up bra” (as Salute calls it) that enhances the visual voluminous of the wearer’s chest, or in a design meant to deemphasize bust size.

▼ Marie Antoinette modeling one of the 74 Group Rose of Versailles bras, while declaring “Wearing Salute, I will take bloom into full glory at center stage, living my life like a rose.”

Prices start at 10,450 yen (US$73) for the 73 Group bras and 8,250 yen for the 74 Group, with slight price increases for larger sizes. Bottoms are sold separately, with the 73 Group’s available as standard panties, shorts, or a T-back design (prices ranging from 4,400 to 5,170 yen)…

…and standard panties or a string-sided T-back for the 74 Group (3,850-3,960 yen).

The 73 Group designs can be purchased though the Salute website here, while the 74 Group goes on sale in late December, meaning the entire range will be available by the time that new Rose of Versailles anime movie comes out.

Source: PR Times, Wacoal
Top image: Wacoal
Insert images: PR Times, Wacoal (1, 2, 3)
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