Plus, free Demon Slayer stickers with every “Oni-on” combo order!

Demon Slayer fans, are you ready to snack? The popular anime and manga franchise is teaming up with Japanese fast-food restaurant Lotteria for some exclusive Demon Slayer food sets. Cleverly named the Demon Slayer Rice Burger Oni-on Sets, because “oni” is the word for “demon” in Japanese, these special set meals are served with onion rings and a drink.

The set comes with three different burgers to choose from, each made with rice “buns”, or cakes of rice, instead of bread: the Teriyaki Rice Burger, the Shrimp Rice Burger, and the Masterpiece Cheese Rice Burger.

The Teriyaki Rice Burger (950 yen [US$7.72]) is a burger patty sandwiched together with Lotteria’s signature teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise, lettuce, sliced onions, mustard, and a sheet of baked seaweed for extra crispiness.

The Shrimp Rice Burger is composed of a shrimp patty made of tender, whiteleg shrimp lightly fried in finely ground panko crumbs for optimum crispiness. It’s perfectly complemented by Lotteria’s special tartar sauce, then accented by a topping of crunchy shredded cabbage and rounded out with Lotteria’s original teriyaki sauce and mustard. On the outside of the rice “buns” are sheets of baked seaweed, as if this shrimp sandwich is actually the world’s most elaborate rice ball.

Last up for this special collaboration is the Masterpiece Cheese Rice Burger (990 yen), which is truly a testament to its name. It’s a specially crafted ground beef patty lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, and oregano and topped with gouda and red cheddar cheese. Mayonnaise dresses the top of the burger, while the bottom “bun” is dressed with Lotteria’s original teriyaki sauce and mustard. The whole sandwich is completed with two external sheets of baked seaweed.

All three come as a set with “Oni-on rings” (regular onion rings) and a medium drink, and each burger is also served in an original Demon Slayer burger wrapper featuring Tanjiro and Nezuko. But while Demon Slayer fans will undoubtedly find the burgers mouthwatering and the exclusive wrapper enticing, what they’ll really love is the free sticker sheet that comes with each order.

Anyone who purchases a Demon Slayer Rice Burger Oni-on Set will get to choose one of two sticker sheets featuring Demon Slayer characters posing with Lotteria menu items. One is called “Kizuna” (“Bond”) which features Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, and the other is called “Hashira” (“Pillar”), and features Giyu Tomioka, Shinobu Kocho, Muichiro Tokito, and Mitsuri Kanroji.

The stickers, as well as the burgers and their special Demon Slayer wrappers, are all being released in limited quantities, so although they will go up on the menu on April 7, it’d be better to go sooner rather than later, as your fellow Demon Slayer fans could take them all out before you get to them.

We hope you can make it in time, but if you don’t, you might still have the chance to eat Lotteria’s High Protein Sandwich–which is basically bacon and cheese sandwiched between two pieces of fried chicken that anyone would be crazy not to try.

Source, images: Lotteria
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