Lotteria takes accentuating the positive to a new extreme with the Hot Wild Chicken Sandwich.

Every year in the run up to Valentine’s Day Japanese restaurants dream up all sorts of limited-time chocolatey creations for their menus. For example, earlier this month fast food chain Lotteria debuted its Valentine Ghana Lotte Ghana Chocolate Burger, two bars of milk chocolate placed between hamburger buns.

But now that the celebration of sweets and sweet love has passed, fast food chain Lotteria is ready to get back to healthier fare. That’s the vibe it’s trying to project with its new Hot Wild Chicken Sandwich, which went on sale February 15, one day after Valentine’s Day. In describing the sandwich, Lotteria proudly says that it “supplies 31 grams of protein,” and a promotional image, seen below, includes the phrase “high-protein” (高たんぱく) as well.

Much more eye-catching than that exclamatory text, though, is the fact that the Hot Wild Chicken Sandwich is using a pair of deep-fried chicken pieces, seasoned with Cajun spices, instead of bread. Rather than offer customers such a dainty and unsatisfying meal as two fried chicken breasts by themselves, Lotteria has decided to also include a strip of bacon, smoked using cherry blossom and chestnut tree wood chips, and two slices of gouda cheese. Ostensibly the heat of the meat will partially melt the Gouda as you eat, and to add extra sauciness there’s also a large squirt of sriracha.

Of course, Lotteria is well aware that its most health-conscious customers might be concerned about the nutritional imbalances of the Hot Wild Chicken Sandwich, and if you’re worried that even in its normal form it’s woefully lacking in protein, fear not! The chain is also offering the sandwich as part of the Protein and Protein Snack Wild Set, which includes a drink, a side order of French fries (yes, Lotteria still has them), and a pouch of Body Star-brand “Protein Snacks,” in consomme, barbecue, or light-salt flavors.

The Hot Wild Chicken Sandwich is priced at 660 yen (US$5.75), while the sandwich/drink/fry set is 1,067 yen and the Protein Snacks are freebies for the first 50 customers ordering the set at Lotteria’s Shibuya Dogenzaka, Harajuku Takeshita-dori, Ikebukuro Higashiguchi, Shinjuku Chuo-dori branches in Tokyo and its Omiya Marui location in Saitama Prefecture. The sandwich will be on sale until March 16, so we’ve all got our healthy, protein-packed meals planned out until then, right?

Source: Lotteria (1, 2)
Top image: YouTube/株式会社ロッテリア
Insert images: YouTube/株式会社ロッテリア, Lotteria
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