A delicious dish you could be eating in less than 10 minutes.

In Japan, 7-Eleven is part of the Seven & I Holdings group, which also owns a chain of supermarkets collectively called York. Honestly, we make a lot of our convenience store trips precisely because we’re too lazy to cook for ourselves, but a recently recommended recipe from York is so quick and easy, and requires so few ingredients, that making the dish actually takes less effort than going to our local 7-Eleven and picking something up.

The recipe requires only three ingredients, and no equipment other than a knife and microwave. So without further ado, let’s make the Easy! Butter-Pon Full Fresh Onion in the Microwave.

1 onion
● Ponzu sauce (available pre-made at supermarkets)

Yep, “Easy!”, exclamation point and all, really is part of the name of this dish. York recommends using a fresh seasonal onion for best results, but really any onion should do the trick.

To start, using a knife, slice off the top and bottom of the onion. Then stand the onion on end and make three radial cuts, going about halfway down to the bottom (in other words, don’t slice the onion into separate pieces).

You’re now completely done using the knife, so you can set it aside, put it in the dishwasher, or throw it into the target you have hanging on the wall, depending on how you have your kitchen set up.

Next, put the onion on a microwave-safe dish and cover it with plastic wrap

…then put it in the microwave at 600 watts for five to six minutes. Since our onion was a little on the small side, we went with five minutes, which turned out to be plenty.

Once the time is up, take the dish back out of the microwave, and while the onion is still hot, add a pat of butter and drizzle it with the ponzu sauce.

And with that, it’s ready to eat! As we broke off a piece with our chopsticks, we found that the onion’s interior was nice and moist, since cooking it in the microwave hadn’t dried it out as much as roasting it would have. The slices we made in the top allowed the melting butter and ponzu sauce to seep down into the onion’s inner layers without immediately draining out the bottom, and the combination of rich and tart flavors from the condiments blended together wonderfully and also helped draw out the sweet notes in the onion’s flavor profile.

If you’re looking for exact measurements/ratios, York’s recipe says to use two onions (totaling 400 grams [14.1 ounces]) in weight, with two grams of butter and one tablespoon of ponzu sauce. Really, though, you can just think of adding the butter and ponzu “to taste.” Oh, and the recipe also says that the microwave Butter-Pon Onion takes 10 minutes to make. With only five or six minutes of cooking time and the prep work just a few seconds, though, maybe they’re calculating 10 minutes by even including the time it takes you to decide to make it.

Recipe source: York
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