How much more expensive is it to use microwave rice packs instead of cooking/freezing your own?

”Pack rice” and frozen rice leftovers can both save you time, but how much money does the cheaper option save you?

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Pop that whole onion in the microwave! 7-Eleven Japan supermarket sister’s Butter-Pom Onion recipe

A delicious dish you could be eating in less than 10 minutes.

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Japan’s new portable handheld microwave shoots to the top of our cooking gadget wish list

No cord, and no cold food either.

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How to make microwave rice packs into something you’ll actually be happy to eat【SoraKitchen】

Two great rice recipes that you can make entirely in the microwave in a matter of minutes.

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We try out a 100-yen store bowl designed for microwaving frozen udon noodles

This bowl went viral on Twitter…but for what?? We had to find out. 

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How to cook rice in a Ziploc container【SoraKitchen】

Turn your Tupperware into a rice cooker with this simple cooking hack from Japan. 

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How to perfectly heat steamed buns in the microwave【Cooking Hack】

Simple trick will give you light, supple, restaurant-quality buns every time!  

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Cheap paradise: Daiso’s microwave potato chip maker is healthy, easy, and delicious【Taste test】

With this, there’s really no reason for us not to eat potato chips every day.

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Can you put Japan’s hot bottled tea/coffee in the microwave? Only if you see this special notice

Almost all drink makers caution against it, but one says it’s safe as long as you follow some special rules.

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How to make awesome Japanese curry in five minutes without using instant packs or even a stove

Too lazy to really cook, but too gourmet for instant food? Our reporter Go finds a solution.

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Microwavable potato chips recalled after three days due to fire hazards

One potato chip dared to fly too close to the electromagnetic radiation and got burnt.

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Japan’s new microwavable potato chips are amazing, but the best thing isn’t how they taste

We taste-test a revolution in potato chips, and realize that something important has been missing all along.

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Microwavable potato chips go on sale in Japan, because why should we eat cold potatoes? 【Video】

Almost all food tastes and smells better when it’s warm, doesn’t it?

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The defrosted reality of 24 frozen meals at Thai 7-Elevens [Photos]

The frozen food section at the local convenience store may not hold any lofty culinary treasures, but it does hold the key to saving time and energy after a long day. All around the world, people value frozen foods for their convenience and, sometimes, their deliciousness.

But can you really trust the picture on the front of the package to be what comes out of the microwave? One Thai netizen went on a quest to demystify the frozen food section of Thailand’s 7-Elevens and posted photos of 24 heated up meals to see how they compared to people’s expectations.

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It’s amazingly easy to find good food in Japan, which is largely due to how hard many food industry professionals work when choosing ingredients are and preparing their dishes. Every now and then, though, the country stumbles across some new delectable that, by any logical standard, has no right tasting as good as it does while being so quick and simple to make.

For example, this week Japan discovered a delicious cheese snack with just one ingredient that you could be enjoying in literally two minutes.

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Man, I wish someone told me this in the days of free AOL trial CDs.

It seems that putting an ordinary Compact Disc into your average microwave creates freaky lightning and a dramatic fiery demise.

Although you might expect them simply to burn up like an iPhone does, these data storage discs actually provide a kick-ass light show first.

This little known scientific gem was beautifully photographed and uploaded to Twitter, which then led to the discovery of a YouTube video documenting microwaved CDs.  So please don’t kill your microwave or yourself trying this – just check out these videos and pictures instead.

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Sony Warns Not to Put Your Gaming Console in the Microwave, Leaves Online Community Dumbfounded

Sony’s recent publicly-announced warning not to put your gaming console in the microwave, has left most of the online community completely lost for words. If you happen to be the owner of a Sony gaming console, placing it in the microwave only to fry the hell of it is surely the last thing on your agenda. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that such reports have recently been doing the rounds on the net. Frying your treasured gaming console obviously defies all forms of common sense and I’m sure most of you will be racking your brains as to whom and under what circumstances would do such a thing.

So just why would Sony issue such a bizarre warning? In short, Sony appears only to be going by the facts, or should we say the evidence that remains resident on the game console after being submitted for repair:

“Of the defective products received by Sony, we have detected on some rate occasions evident changes in the shape of the unit and even burn marks that can only be assumed to have been brought about by the use of an electrical appliance such as a hairdryer or microwave”.

Sony adds, “Heating up your game console leads not only to a defective unit but also creates the risk of a fire or even serious injury”.

Whilst there is much speculation and even theories out there as to why game users would resort to such an act, hard evidence is much lacking.

So just what are some of these theories?

Forget about sending your broken game console to Sony: if you have a hairdryer at hand, repair it yourself the D.I.Y way! – Or so the ‘hairdryer method’ would have you believe!

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