Plus a new popping Pikachu dessert drink.

Pokémon is a franchise that’s all about evolution. Whether it’s the Pocket Monsters themselves powering up to stronger forms, sequels in the video game series getting graphical upgrades, or new art trends seeping into the illustrations for the collectible cards, there’s always something new to enjoy in the world of Pokémon.

That goes for the Pokémon Cafe, too, as the eateries in Tokyo and Osaka have just announced new Pikachu Plate meals are coming to the menu, and they look both delicious and adorable.

The new Pikachu plates feature something as widely loved as the Electric-type Pokémon himself: Japanese curry. Each curry plate has a made-of-rice Pikachu, with what appear to be carrot-slice cheeks and tortilla chip ears and tail, lounging next to the curry roux, so that you can mix them in whatever ratio you’d like after you’ve taken a photo or 20 of the presentation. You also get a hamburger steak dressed up to look like a Poké Ball.

There are actually three Pikachu Plates to choose from, differentiated by the accompanying Poké-pal. The Pikachu and Bulbasaur Friends Plate has the Gen I Grass-type starter as a serving of potato salad. Pikachu and Charmander Friends provides you with a Charmander chicken cutlet, and for Pikachu and Squirtle are Friends you get Squirtle seafood gratin cheese pasta.

▼ The cafe doesn’t say what the starter Pokémon faces are made from, but odds are they’re wafers, a common element in themed-cafe dishes in Japan.

The line between beverages and desserts is often blurred at Japanese cafes, and stepping into that sort of hybrid role is the new Pikachu Popping Spark Lemon Float.

Cute as it is to look out, the drink sounds like it actually has a pretty sophisticated flavor, with sliced lemon, nata de coco, and black tea gelatin for a sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor that kids and adults alike should be able to enjoy. The chocolate-accented scoop of mango ice cream also has popping candies inside, to give you a jolt reminiscent of Pikachu’s Spark ability as you eat it.

The new Pikachu Plates are priced at 2,420 yen (US$17.50), and the Pikachu Popping Spark Lemon Float at 1,540. Both are joining the Pokémon Cafe menu on September 2.

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Source, images: Pokémon Cafe
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