Mister Donut rolls out adorable cups and plates with Pikachu and the three new Sword and Shield starters, plus new Pokémon tapioca drinks.

Look, let’s be honest, None of us really need any extra incentives to eat donuts. If you can’t appreciate the deliciousness of a donut, you might want to stop whatever you’re doing and assemble a team of knights to go and storm the castle of whatever sinister sorcerer has stolen your human soul and is holding it for ransom (said ransom probably being a whole bunch of donuts).

Nevertheless, putting two good things together makes for a really good thing, which is why Japan’s beloved Mister Donut chain is launching a new iteration of its tie-up with the Pokémon franchise. Not only has Mister Donut sorted out the problems that temporarily led to last year’s Pikachu donuts being too uncute to live, it’s expanded the line to three different types of Pokémon donuts this year.

Pictured above, from left to right, are the returning Pikachu Donut (with a banana chocolate coating), the Pon de Ring Poké Ball (strawberry and white chocolate glazes), and the Pikachu Tail (French crueller-sandwiched custard with banana and chocolate coating). And yet, irresistibly enticing as they may be, Mister Donut is sweetening the deal further still, with the offer of exclusive Pokémon dishware!

Two designs are available, both featuring Pikachu and the trio of new starter Pocket Monsters from the soon-to-be-released Pokémon Sword and Shield: Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey. The “Face” pattern features close-ups of the quartet, while the “Party” version shows them celebrating around a stack of candle-lit donuts, with special cameos from original starter trio Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.

The mugs and plates are being offered as part of four combo packs. For customers eating-in at Mister Donut, 900 yen (US$8.30) gets you your choice of Pon de Ring Poké Ball or Pikachu Tail donut, a drink, your choice of one plate or cup, and a coaster. Stepping up to 950 yen gives you a Pikachu Donut instead.

Take-out sets that include the Pokémon dishware are a bit larger-scale, with a 1,250-yen pack of one Pon de Ring Poké Ball or Pikachu Tail, three standard Pon de Ring donuts, one mug or plate, a coaster, and a decorative Pokémon-themed box to haul everything home in. One again, shelling out an extra 50 yen evolves your Pokémon dessert into the Pikachu Donut.

▼ Mister Donut is also adding a trio of Sword and Shield starter Pokémon tapioca pearl sodas to the menu (in Muscat grape, peach, and lychee flavors), though at 590 yen they’re not offered as part of the dishware packs.

The sets (plus the individual donuts and tapioca drinks) officially go on sale November 15, but dishware sets can be pre-ordered online here and picked up next week, and reservations are highly recommended, considering how high demand is expected to be for limited-time Pokémon desserts and exclusive merch. Just don’t spoil your appetite for the new Sword and Shield entrees at Tokyo’s Pokémon cafe.

Source: Mister Donut
Top image: Mister Donut
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