Fried chicken specialists make cheese the star with new limited-edition menu items.

Like many global franchises, KFC knows how to adapt its menu to please local tastes, and judging by this newest release, customers in Japan have an insatiable appetite for cheese.

Granted, cold and wintry temperatures at this time of year have everyone everywhere craving rich, warming, comforting foods, and the new items at KFC look more than ready to satisfy those cravings, in both pie and burger form.

The first new release is a never-before-seen addition to the limited-edition “Drowning in Cheese Fillet Burger” range that first made its debut a few years back. The Cheddar Cheese version is returning, due to popular demand, and this time it’s being joined by a Raclette Cheese variety, which drowns the fried chicken fillet in a mound of white cheese sauce.

▼ New Raclette Cheese burger (left), Cheddar Cheese burger (right)

This white sauce contains a combination of three types of cheese, including raclette cheese, along with garlic and pepper to create a richness and flavour that makes it distinct from the Cheddar Cheese burger. Both burgers are said to contain more cheese than ever in this latest version, making them the heaviest Drowning Burgers in the history of the chain.

If that’s not enough cheese for you, you can always try the Cheese Pie, another first for the chain in Japan. Known as “Noukou Cheese Pie” (“Rich Cheese Pie“) in Japanese, this new offering contains a smooth and salty cheese cream within a crispy pie casing.

Three types of cheese gives this pie an intense flavour, while the contrast between smooth filling and crunchy pastry makes it an irresistible snack for cheese lovers.

The Drowning in Cheese Fillet Burgers are priced at 490 yen (US$3.42) each, while the Rich Cheese Pie is priced at 290 yen. The cheesy new items will be on the menu at KFC branches around Japan while stocks last from 4 January.

Source, images: PR Times
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