Now these desk friends can literally warm your heart.

Last winter, we told you about Funbaruzu, a series of adorable animal plushies that can help correct your posture. Their tiny, clingy arms hold onto the desk, and a small heart-shaped cushion inside offers back support when you wedge your critter between your chest and your desk. Now they’re available in a heated version to make your drafty office more bearable.

▼ Introducing: Funbaruzu Warmers!

Funbaruzu Warmers went on sale starting November 21, right before the temperatures in Japan started to drop for the upcoming winter season. These Funbaruzu have an additional pouch inside full of warming beads that can be reheated in the microwave.

To warm it up, you just need to remove the pouch from your Funbaruzu and microwave it for about 30 seconds. Then it should stay warm for up to 40 minutes. They’re available in two types: Hokkoro the Sloth and Honyanya the Cat. They each have their own profile and fit right into the rest of the Funbaruzu family.

▼ Hokkoro the Sloth

Hokkoro the Sloth is the big brother of Nosly the Sloth, and he loves to eat croquettes. He’s so chillaxed that he doesn’t think he’s ever gotten angry once in his life. He’s the perfect desk buddy to radiate heat and zen.

▼ Honyanya the Cat

Honyanya the Cat, like many cats, loves warm spots and can most often be found basking in the sun. Honyanya is fully aware of its cuteness and uses it to get close to people easily. In other words, having Honyanya as a desk buddy is a win-win situation for both of you.

Which Funbaruzu Warmer would you like to have supporting your posture and warming you up? You can find these critters online or at Japanese variety goods stores like Loft, Kiddy Land, Blue Bleuet, and Shimachu Homes.

Source and images: PR Times
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