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Yes, this moving castle actually moves, and it’s cuter than we could’ve imagined.

When an anime studio is headed up by Hayao Miyazaki, whose unrelenting passion for the artform has led him to be dubbed “the never-ending man”, you can bet the merchandise is equally never-ending.

We’re certainly not complaining, though, especially when such passion results in a Studio Ghibli collector’s item like this one.

Called “Moving Howl’s Castle“, this new item does what it says it does — it actually moves. Its action is so impressive it has to be seen to be believed, and that’s what Donguri Kyowakoku, Ghibli’s official merchandise chain, has provided, with this video posted to their official YouTube account.

No detail has been overlooked in this miniature replica of Howl’s Moving Castle, which appears in the movie of the same name.

Not only are the town buildings on board, but the domed “heads” and chimney stacks as well.

The top section of the castle moves from left to right as the castle trudges along on its clawed feet, and the eyes of the castle move in and out as well.

The two arrows on the left of the image below point to the moving parts, while the arrow on the right points to the light-up section, which is…

▼ …Calcifer!

Calcifer lights up when the castle moves, and the castle starts and stops at the push of a button, or to be accurate, door, because when you press the back door down, it acts as the operating switch.

This is a fantastic work of art and engineering that will likely sell out after its release at Donguri Kyowakoku stores and online from 10 a.m. (JST) on 26 December, even with its relatively high price tag of 22,000 yen (US$151.62).

Those in the market for a cheaper castle can always opt for the desktop stationery holder or the tiny Tomica instead.

Source, images: Donguri Kyowakoku
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