So what if you’re not lucky this year? You don’t need luck to buy 12 cups of coffee for US$21!

Ah, the Starbucks Lucky Bag, so sought after that only after being selected in a lottery can you actually order one, unlike other brands whose lucky bags you can simply order online or buy early at the store. It’s probably the most popular lucky bag of all, but the hardest to get…which makes it all the more desirable.

Our Japanese-language reporter Yuichiro Wasai is a huge Starbucks fan, but the gods of Starbucks fortune haven’t been smiling on him lately, because last year he lost the lucky bag lotto, and this year’s odds look even starker. In fact, it’s predicted that only two out of every nine people who apply will win the chance to buy one, which means that almost 90 percent of the people who apply will walk away empty-handed.

▼ Starbucks Lucky Bag 2024 – 8,000 yen (US$55.57) (entry for the lottery has already closed)

Plus, the emails for the lotto winners are already being sent out, and though Yuichiro has been frantically refreshing his inbox all day–and couldn’t sleep for the nerves–he hasn’t seen one appear yet.

To say that he’s frustrated is an understatement, but just like last year, he knows just the way to help alleviate some of that frustration. If you’re in the same boat, here’s an idea to help calm your nerves and make yourself feel better:

Buy the Starbucks Coffee Traveler.

It’s a take-home box of black coffee that contains enough for 12 cups! And it’s only 3,100 yen (US$21.06). You can choose whether it’s hot or iced, and even request a specific kind of coffee bean if you order in person or by phone.

Now, you might be thinking, what’s so special about that? It’s not Frappuccinos…It’s not even lattes. It’s just simple black coffee. How boring, you say.

But he’d like you to give it some deep, serious thought. It’s just the perfect item for someone who’s a true coffee fan. And besides, if you want whipped cream or milk, you can always add it yourself, and even use it to blend your own Frappuccino if you’re feeling fancy.

And here’s the biggest kicker of all. 2023’s Lucky Bag included seven coupons for one free coffee each, which you could redeem for any kind of drink you want–including Frappuccinos and lattes–between January 1 and June 25.

But while the Lucky Bag offers variety and freedom of choice in timing, the Coffee Traveler offers quantity. Because you get 12 cups of coffee in one!!

We don’t even know if this year’s Lucky Bag includes coupons (though it will probably have seven like previous years), so at least you’re guaranteed to get coffee this way. And…and!!

If you buy a set of donuts too…

You can make yourself a party!!

Doesn’t that look fun?!

Yuichiro said it really was the best. “No matter how fancy they make Frappuccinos, there’s nothing better than black coffee paired with super sweet desserts,” he declared.

Even better, the Coffee Traveler plus a party set of donuts comes out to 4,200 yen, which is way cheaper than the Starbucks Lucky Bag, which is 8,000 yen. So you can have just as much fun for half the price.

Now we know what you’ll say: “The Lucky Bags comes with sweet merchandise!” Yeah, but if you want goods…you can just go buy them, right? Starbucks is a place to enjoy coffee, and what better way to enjoy coffee than with a Coffee Traveler?

The website says, “It’s the best way to enjoy Starbucks in any scenario, from business meetings to outdoor picnics,” but in Yuichiro’s opinion, “It’s also great for alleviating the crushing disappointment of not winning the Starbucks Lucky Bag lottery (for the second year in a row).” Because who needs awesome limited-edition goods like a cool bag and unique tumblers, or seven coupons for any free drink that you can redeem whenever you like, when you can drink twelve cups of Starbucks’ black coffee for just 3,100 yen?!

Right? RIGHT?!

Yuichiro went back to refreshing his inbox, so we’ll just leave you with the idea that the Coffee Traveler may not replace the splendor that is the Starbucks Lucky Bag, but it might console your sad Starbucks-loving heart if you do lose the Lucky Bag lotto. If you’re interested, definitely inquire at your closest Starbucks…and while you’re there, be sure to check out their new Christmas Frappuccino.

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