Two limited-edition drinks capture the bittersweet nature of romance.

As we get back into the swing of things at the start of a new year, Starbucks is already looking towards the next big event on the annual calendar, giving us a peek at its Valentine’s Day offerings.

This year, the chain is giving not one but two special limited-edition Frappuccinos, as “a pair” to help mark the loved-up occasion. Both are based on the Opera Cake, a French confection containing layers of coffee syrup-soaked almond sponge interspersed with ganache and buttercream, and covered in a chocolate glaze.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate, so the darker of the pair, the Opera Frappuccino, was released for Valentine’s Day last year to much acclaim. This year, it’s being joined by the White Opera Frappuccino, and though both drinks contain a hint of coffee and almond flavour in the base, the white version contains a blend of white chocolate and white chocolate chips in the body of the drink, while the Opera Frappuccino contains dark chocolate and dark chocolate chips for a more bitter flavour.

The glossy chocolate glacage toppings sit upon a layer of whipped cream and are finished with a sprinkling of sparkling gold powder for a luxurious look.

▼ The new drinks embody the bittersweet nature of romance.

Joining the new drinks are 10 types of chocolate-centric desserts, including a chocolate rice flour muffin, a chocolate pie, a chocolate chunk scone and a chocolate cream doughnut. The collection ranges in price from 211 yen (US$1.46) for the chocolate chunk cookies up to 2,350 yen for a tin of freeze-dried strawberries coated in chocolate.

While the chocolate brownies went on sale on 26 December, the other items in the dessert range will be available from 17 January, except for the layered chocolate cake, which will be on sale from 31 January.

As for the new drinks, they’ll be on the menu while stocks last from 17 January to 14 February, priced at 790 yen for drink-in or 776 for takeout. With the Opera Frappuccino recently being crowned the best Frappuccino of 2023 by our resident Starbucks expert, this a drink you’ll definitely want to try before it disappears from the menu!

Source, images: Press release
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