Official recipes give us a taste of famous meals from the film, and they’re easy enough for children to make too.

Every year since 2021, Studio Ghibli has been releasing an official book filled with recipes to make the mouthwatering meals featured in one of their anime movies.

This year, Kiki’s Delivery Service has been given the honour of its very own recipe book, and because much of the movie takes place in and around a bakery, the recipes concentrate mostly on baked goods.

▼ Kiki in the bakery, named Gütiokipänjä.

The book contains recipes to make both food from the movie and food inspired by it, with some of the highlights listed below.

Movie Recipes

  • Gütiokipänjä’s mountain shaped bread and round buns
  • Cookies bought by Tombo
  • Roasted herring and pumpkin pie
  • Osono’s milk soup
  • Kiki’s special browned pancake
  • Special chocolate cake made by Madame

Out of that list, we’re especially tempted to make Osono’s milk soup…

▼ …the famous roasted herring and pumpkin pie…

▼ …and the equally famous Kiki cake.

The original recipes below sound just as delicious.

  • Magic berry soda
  • Witch’s ribbon snack
  • Black cat lollipop cakes
  • Open sandwich in the attic
  • Tombo’s striped jelly

▼ The black cat lollipop cakes, pictured on the front of the recipe book, are designed to look just like Jiji.

The book’s full title, Ghibli’s Dining Table Children’s Cooking Picture Book — Kiki’s Delivery Service, is as much of a mouthful as the food, but it does get across an important message, as the recipes are designed to be easy enough for even children to make.

There are loads of pictures within the book’s 64 pages to help explain the cooking processes, and each recipe is categorised into different levels of difficulty. According to the publishers, the Ghibli recipe books aim to bring children and parents closer as they make the meals together, but even adults who’ve never cooked before can enjoy them too.

Having tried some of the recipes from past Ghibli recipe books preciously, we can vouch for their authentic looks and delicious flavour, so we can’t wait to whip up some of the meals from this book when it’s released at bookstores around Japan and at Amazon online on 14 March, at a recommended retail price of 1,760 yen (US$11.93).

Source: PR Times
Top image: Studio Ghibli
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