“Guardian of the Ghibli Museum” looks like it’s stepped straight out of the anime movie.

On 5 January, snow fell in Tokyo, transforming the landscape into a white winter wonderland as afternoon turned to evening, and one place that became particularly beautiful was the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.

The museum shared a video of the snow, taken outside the building’s colourful facade, when it began to fall in the early afternoon. As the camera panned to the rooftop, fans hoped they might be given a look at what was happening up there, because that’s where the Robot Soldier, one of Ghibli’s most beloved characters, resides.

▼ This famous character from Laputa: Castle in the Sky, seen here on a sunny day, is known as “the Guardian of the Ghibli Museum“.

To the delight of Ghibli fans, the museum did share more snowy scenes from the premises around five hours later, by which time the snow had piled up, glistening in the lights as it clung to the leaves of the trees. The highlight of the post was the video of the Robot Soldier, who took people’s breath away with its silent beauty as the snowflakes blew in from behind it, making it look like a scene from the movie.

▼ The video garnered over 3 million views in less than 24 hours.

The five-metre (16-foot) tall robot has an enchantingly serene countenance every day of the year, but the way it stood strong with its back to the snow made it look even more heartwarming, with people leaving comments like:

“What an amazing scene!”
“It’s snowing in the Castle in the Sky!”
“Beautiful, like a movie world.”
So atmospheric…it feels like a city in ruins!”
“Robot Soldier, please don’t catch a cold!”

The robot really does look like it’s alive, so it was warming to see many fans express concerns for its health. Happily, the robot did survive the snow unscathed, with the museum sharing a follow-up tweet the next day.

▼ “Today is a scheduled closed day with snowy scenery. Muska seems to be having a hard time today…”

As the tweet shows, the soldier made it through the night, but Muska will definitely be having a hard time reading the keystone, which plays an important role in the movie, as the script on top remained covered in snow.

Still, with Muska’s keystone timer on the market, we’re sure the anime antagonist will live to see another day…until the snow falls again and the Robot Soldier steals the spotlight with its ethereal charm and beauty.

Source: Twitter/@GhibliML
Featured image: Studio Ghibli
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