Ghibli Museum now lets you bring features of the building home with you…in cute miniature form

Wooden sign magnets are the newest addition to the “Tiny Ghibli Museum” collection. 

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This is NOT a capsule toy here – Testing out Japan’s fully functioning mini iron【Photos】

Because what really matters isn’t how big your iron is, but what you do with it.

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We order all four burgers from McDonald’s Japan’s Big Mac line and compare their…sizes

The Big Mac Jr., the classic Big Mac, the Grand Big Mac and the Giga Big Mac are like a happy Big Mac family made of meat and buns.

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Adorable miniature doughnuts from Mister Donut Japan!

Look at those little guys! They’re so small, you have to carry them all together in a bucket!

If you’re looking for a miniature treat, look no further than Mister Donut’s winter offering of bite-sized doughnuts. With six new flavors and three shareable container sizes, they’re perfect for snacking with friends and family while snuggling up under the kotatsu…or eat them all yourself, we won’t judge.

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Miniature food from around the world 【Photos】

They say food has the power to bring people of all different backgrounds together, united by their common love of a good meal. We think the following miniature faux foods possess the same power, even though they aren’t edible. So now let’s all come together and collectively enjoy the following photo gallery of fake miniature food, united by our love of all things cute.

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