What a piece of shit!

Have you ever gazed around your home and felt that something was missing? Have you ever felt like that one item that would make your life complete has been eluding you all this time? Chances are it’s not a decorative-yet-functional coil of poop, but Japanse companies Beams and Castem are going to throw it out there for your consideration anyway.

Unterior is a combination of the Japanese word “unko/unchi” which means “poop/poopy” in English and “interior” which in Japanese is often shorthand for “interior decoration.” And, this is because Unterior is a poop-shaped interior decoration.

It’s primarily designed to hold air fresheners and has an easy-to-remove upper two coils so you can insert the freshener of your choice.

Or why not put in a stick of Mickey Mouse incense and turn your turd into a steaming pile?

▼ *This suggestion has not been endorsed by Disney

However, the reality is you can do whatever you want with this crap. Just toss a candle in and liven up your next romantic date or camping trip.

You could probably even squeeze in a mosquito coil and repel those bloodsuckers in style. It comes with an inner hook for items such as this.

Unterior even makes a great candy dish, preferably with chocolates.

It can handle just about any job thanks to the strong craftsmanship of precision parts maker Castem. A single Unterior measures 13.1 centimeters (5 inches) high and 14 centimeters (5.5 inches) which in a coiled shape suggests its creator was backed up for a bit.

▼ It’s also available in three materials: brass (left), stainless steel (center), and resin (right).

By now you’re probably clutching a huge wad of cash and willing to pay upwards of US$1M for Unterior. If that is the case, then you are in luck, because for a limited time on the Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake, it can be purchased at reduced prices as low as 28,000 yen ($185) for brass, 18,700 ($123) for steel, and 14,000 ($92) for resin.

▼ This could be you!

The prices are testaments to their quality about which I feel I can safely say that these are the most well-made feces-shaped interior design pieces you’ve ever seen. And as you notice them popping up in the homes of friends and colleagues, you’ll have to ask yourself: Can you afford not to get Unterior?

Source: PR Times, Makuake
Images: PR Times
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