Japanese sake now comes in incense form for Buddhist rituals

Perfect for purifying your home and sending wafts of alcohol to deceased friends in the afterlife.

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Curry incense lets you reach Nirvana deliciously

Achieving enlightenment doesn’t usually stimulate your appetite, but it just might with this special incense!

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Enjoy guilt-free chocolate indulgence… with chocolate incense!

You may not be able to taste the sweetness, but you’ll certainly feel like you’re surrounded by chocolate, and without the calories too!

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Japan’s new Rilakkuma incense lets you put your deceased relatives’ souls at ease

Just because your loved ones have moved on from this world doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate a little cuteness.

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Candy-scented incense sticks smell sweet, probably taste like burning

Nostalgic Japanese candy meets fragrant incense for a scent-sational retro treat that won’t rot your teeth or split your pants, but might burn a hole in your rug…

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A temple in China reportedly charged $19,470 to light the first incense stick for the new year

January 31st marked the Lunar New Year, and this is a time when many flock to temples and light incense and pray for the new year.

China News, cited by Chinascope, reported that a temple in Zhejiang Province used this opportunity to jack up prices for the chance to light the first incense. The temple reportedly charged $19,470 to light the first incense.

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