New limited-edition flavour puts a weird spin on breakfast.

Since inventing the instant noodle back in 1958, Nissin remains committed to developing innovative new products, and right now it’s come out with something the world has never seen before.

The Cup Noodles Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese.

This is a jaw-dropping new spin on the Cup Noodle, or Cup Noodles as they’re known overseas, and it’s being sold exclusively at Walmart stores in the United States. According to Nissin Foods USA, the new product was created in response to customers’ fondness for Everything Seasoning, a mixture of toppings commonly used on bagels that’s become something of a craze on social media.

Noodle lovers in the U.S. have been known to add a dash of Everything Seasoning to their instant ramen, so Nissin took inspiration from the trend, combining a Cup Noodle with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, dried onion and caraway seeds in a rich cream cheese-flavoured sauce.

This “creamy twist” on the Cup Noodle puts a new spin on what Nissin says is “the most popular bagel of choice”, so that bagel enthusiasts can avoid long lines for bagels in the morning and simply use a microwave to get their fix instead. Unlike Nissin’s original Cup Noodles, the Everything Bagel variety is saucy instead of soupy, and requires four minutes of heating in the microwave plus a minute of standing before eating.

This new twist on the bagel, which Nissin describes as “everyone’s favourite morning meal”, aims to be a convenient breakfast alternative, and to celebrate that fact, the company will also be re-releasing its Breakfast Cup Noodles at Walmart for a limited time.

The Breakfast Cup Noodles, released in March last year, contained the flavour of maple syrup pancakes, sausage and egg. Judging by our ramen-loving reporter Seiji Nakazawa’s verdict after trying it, it was a sweet and out-there ramen that wasn’t exactly his ideal breakfast, but now that there’s an Everything Bagel variety on the market, he’s keener than ever  to give it a try.

The new Cup Noodles will be available exclusively at Walmart stores and Walmart’s online store in the U.S. at a recommended retail price of US$1.18 for a limited time. Feel free to send Seiji a pack…if you’d like to see him screw up his face for a second time!

Source: Cision PR Newswire
Top image: Twitter/@OrigCupNoodles
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