Air from 2022 for sale on Japanese flea market app Mercari

Start the new year off with some great deals on vintage air!

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Say “thank you” to the Heisei era with a can of Hesei air

There’s a new way to show your appreciation to the Heisei period…by getting your hands on a can of air!

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Should the new Japanese national anthem be an anime song?

Japanese anime fans list their contenders for a modern-day Japanese national anthem.

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Yamagata politicians say thank you to… air

When life is going even reasonably well, we often forget to show our appreciation for that which we have. It’s easy to become complacent and fixated on more and better, and it’s only when we suddenly lose the things that have become commonplace – running water; free Wi-Fi; a Starbucks on every other corner – that we miss them.

One thing we’d probably all notice is missing even faster than 24-hour Facebook access, though, is the air we breathe.

With that in mind, assemblymen in Japan’s Yamagata Prefecture recently took a moment out of their day to pay tribute to the very air around them, throwing their arms up and taking in a tasty lungful.

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