We find a vending machine selling ‘Great Buddha flavoured’ drinkable whipped cream

The latest in a long line of Japanese vending machines that’ll make you think, “… they’re selling what?!”

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Say “thank you” to the Heisei era with a can of Hesei air

There’s a new way to show your appreciation to the Heisei period…by getting your hands on a can of air!

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Get your beer in artistic cans featuring work by ukiyoe master Hiroshige!

This winter season, enjoy some fine Japanese art along with your beer!

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Tunisian Can of Coca Cola Zero Is Confusingly Awesome

Coca-Cola is probably the most popular brand name beverage on Earth, and as a result it pops up seemingly everywhere you go.  A fun side effect of this level of popularity is to see the metamorphoses the product goes through as it crosses borders around the world.

Our correspondent has traveled to the birthplace of the Arab Spring end unearthed such a treasure.  Behold the Tunisian can of Coca-Cola Zero (the calorie-free version of Coke).

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