Anime voice actress Megumi Hayashibara’s Lina Inverse will hold virtual VTuber concert

Slayers star takes virtual stage, with one more anime sorceress along for the fun.

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All-time greatest anime song singer releases all albums, 41 singles for online streaming services

On her birthday, Megumi Hayashibara gives fans a reason to celebrate too.

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How can you maximize the calories you burn singing karaoke?【Experiment】

Yes, Japanese karaoke machines will tell you how many calories you used singing.

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After 10 years of secrecy, anime song duo ClariS finally remove their masks and show their faces

Reveal comes 10 years to the day after group’s debut.

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Should the new Japanese national anthem be an anime song?

Japanese anime fans list their contenders for a modern-day Japanese national anthem.

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“I buy sausage”, “Meet a mega bear” – Misheard anime lyrics video has us howling with laughter

We’ve rambled in detail and at length before about how there’re lots of words in Japanese that kinda sound like English. But it turns out that anime songs can be a gold mine of hilarious aural misinterpretations for English-speakers with lyrics that, while totally innocuous in Japanese, sound absolutely hysterical to some listeners who aren’t proficient in the language.

A video showcasing a few of the best has recently surfaced on YouTube, and we’ve been spitting coffee on our keyboards each time we rewatch it. It’s just TOO funny! Warning: this post (and the video itself) contain some very naughty, NSFW (misheard) language!

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