Foo Fighters unveil an exclusive new Japanese sake

Collaboration between rock legends and an esteemed sake brewery is every bit as good as it sounds.

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Noel Gallagher, on tour in Japan, asks fans to buy High Flying Birds merch…in a way only he can

The former Oasis frontman throws in a f***ing cuss word, reminds everyone how extra he is, and Japanese fans love it.

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Lotte teams up with Your Name producer for new video starring Japanese sweets as anime characters

A story of young love intertwined with 70 years of delicious Lotte products.

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I Won’t Let You Down: new music video from OK Go wows us with Honda drones and unicycles

OK Go, the alternative rock band who blew us away with their unique treadmill choreography in the music video for their 2006 hit Here It Goes Again, have come out with an even more impressive video, this time featuring dozens of Japanese girls, a drone and a motorised unicycle from Honda.

Filmed in Japan and inspired by the group’s trip to the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, this latest music video was released on October 27 and has already reached close to two million views on YouTube. Check out the video after the break to see just how awesome these boys can be when they team up with a leading director and choreographer from Japan.

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