Gyoza No Osho aids snow-stranded drivers with 500 orders of free fried rice and noodles

A touching gesture that is both heartwarming and potentially heartburning.

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Straw Hat Pirates as Overwatch characters is the crossover we definitely need

Obviously, Zoro = Genji, but what do you think the fate of the rest of the crew is?

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Girl who lost father in last year’s deadly Hokkaido blizzard pens heart-wrenching thank-you letter

While Tokyo’s recent blizzard showed us the lighter side of natural disasters with amusing snow sculptures and insane images of overly panicked urbanites, these kind of storms have the potential to be very deadly and serious if you are caught outside. Last March, a violent storm hit the northeast part of Hokkaido and took the lives of nine people.

One of the most tragic stories to come out of this storm was a young girl who lost her father after he used his own body to protect her from the freezing temperatures and strong winds. On the one-year anniversary of the tragedy, the girl asked one of Japan’s biggest newspapers, the Yomiuri Shimbun, to publish a heart-breaking letter thanking the country for the huge outpouring of support over the past year.

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