Japanese grandmothers create “Monkey Busters” group, fight primates with airguns

Who you gonna call? Monkey Busters!

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Data shows Fukui Prefecture may be the best place to live in Japan, but survey results differ

A non-profit study sought to determine the best Japanese prefecture to live in, but found interesting discrepancies.

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Japanese man uses sightseeing drones to help tourists get a bird’s-eye view of the surroundings

Tourism organizations ought to take notes from him.

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Japanese monks go viral with online protest against police claim that robes are a driving hazard

Buddhist monks juggle, box, dance to show their garments are no hindrance after monk refuses to pay fine for driving in his robe. 

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Police officer caught smelling coworker’s shoes, Department: “sniffing shoes is not illegal”

To protect and serve and occasionally smell women’s shoes.

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Gyoza No Osho aids snow-stranded drivers with 500 orders of free fried rice and noodles

A touching gesture that is both heartwarming and potentially heartburning.

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Prefectural capital building in Japan has a moat, ready for mobs of invaders or zombies

Awesomely-defensible Fukui Prefectural headquarters is built on castle grounds.

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The Japanese town where cucumbers are forbidden

The cucumber is a magnificent vegetable. Apart from simply being eaten as part of a healthy diet, they can also be cute, made into art, brought to life, and even given as treats to helpful Shiba Inu. With so many uses, is there anyone out there who could possible hate cucumbers?

Apparently, yes. There’s one town in Japan where it is strictly forbidden to grow or eat cucumbers. Why do they hate the vegetable? And is their rule actually valid or are they all in a pickle over nothing?

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We visited Fukui Station to see the dinosaurs! No Chris Pratt, but the Dino Doctor was in!

We’ve talked about Fukui Station, located in Fukui Prefecture, and its Jurassic Park of animatronic dinosaurs before, but today we have a ton more photos and a video of them in motion as the station draws closer to completion. Check out our photos of the rampaging dinosaurs at Fukui Station and call Chris Pratt, because we might need backup!

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Fukui Station, the upcoming Shinkansen station, is also home to roaring dinosaurs!

The steady expansion of Japan’s Shinkansen bullet train lines is a project welcomed by everyone from train fans to average citizens who just wants to get around the country as easily as possible. Last Friday saw the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line, the line connecting Tokyo with the Hokuriku region. The newest train stations are located in Toyama and Ishikawa Prefectures, but all the attention on-line is actually focused on Fukui Station!

Though the Shinkansen line won’t actually make it to Fukui Prefecture until 2025, people still love the station, which currently serves a variety of JR and Echizen lines, thanks to its Jurassic Park-like scenery. That’s right, Fukui Station is overrun by dinosaurs!

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Welcome to Wonderland: The most barely functioning place on Earth!

Although Japan is a place of widespread religious ambiguity, there is an underlying belief in a place between the land of the living and the world of the dead. It’s an entirely different world in itself, a temporal zone where you can’t be sure what exists and what doesn’t.

This place is Wonderland amusement park in Fukui Prefecture. The park boasts four remaining attractions that haven’t been closed down due to safety reasons and a distinct lack of guests. Nevertheless, Wonderland assures you they are open… especially if you want to buy the place.

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