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Ninja & Geisha capsule hotel: A very Japanese place to stay in Osaka

Sleep amongst lanterns, gods, and traditional motifs at the “very Japanese new sensation capsule hotel”.

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Capsule hotel inside Narita Airport is like a futuristic spaceship

Join us as we review the only accommodation facility inside Narita International Airport.

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This Japanese capsule hotel tells you how many times you snore during the night

Big brother is watching…and taking notes. 

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This Shinjuku capsule hotel offers a capsule, a fancy bath, and a sauna for about 3,000 yen per night

For weary workers or budget travelers, it’s a great accommodation option!

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Sleep next to the railroad tracks at the closest hotel to a train station platform in Japan

New accommodation recreates the feel of a high-class train cabin inside, with a priceless view outside for just US$20 a night.

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We spend a night at Shibuya’s new Nadeshiko Hotel—a capsule hotel for women only

We recently visited the new Nadeshiko Hotel and were truly impressed. Find out what this women-only capsule hotel has to offer!

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26 Amazing Things About Japanese Budget Hotels

Having a hard time deciding the accommodation for your holiday in Japan? Tight on budget, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort? Don’t worry, because Japanese budget hotels are cheap (usually about 3000yen or US$38 per person, per night) and yet provide top-notch service! You probably won’t find anything that is more value for money than this in other countries.

Here we bring you 26 reasons why Japanese budget hotels are so amazing!

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