Even magic couldn’t make this picture look any better.

In Japan, the love for Harry Potter never seems to die. Maybe it’s because of Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Japan, or maybe it’s the constant reminders and pop-up shops, but the boy wizard remains an inspiration for many in Japanese society. That apparently includes artists as well.

Artist @Yassun0222K kicked off the month of June by posting a picture of one of their recent works that has gained a massive and well-deserved amount of attention. They drew a photo-realistic portrait of Harry Potter (well, Daniel Radcliffe playing Harry Potter) using only colored pencils.

“I drew Harry Potter with colored pencils!! This took me about 50 hours to complete…I feel such a sense of accomplishment…”

The particular image he chose to draw is stunning in how much lighting and shading changes the colors of Harry’s skin, hair, and clothes. They’ve even drawn the shadows caused by Harry’s trademark round glasses! It’s crazy to think that this can be achieved with just colored pencils.

@Yassun0222K started posting their progress in the mid-May. At first there was only Harry’s rough outline in pencil.

▼ Even this is more than many of us can manage.

The artist uploaded the portrait’s progression throughout the month of May, starting by coloring the area inside Harry’s glasses.

“I just colored the inside of his glasses. I’m being so careful…and working so hard…This alone took me four hours.”

Bit by bit, Harry’s colors came to life, with the artist saving his hair for last.

“This is the final stretch…! I’ve never worked harder on a piece.”

And finally came the finished product, pictured at the beginning of this article. As of June 4, the original Tweet has been liked over 180 thousand times! The artist’s fans have been nothing but complimentary.

“This is amazing. I thought it was a photo.”
“This is incredible! The hair’s gloss and skin are so great, it looks like a photo.”
“C-colored pencil!s? Wow…”

If that’s what this artist can do with colored pencils, we’re curious to see how they’d do with another medium, such as paint or…sashimi.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@Yassun0222K
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