New vending machines at Shinjuku Station emit scent, play projection mapping with your purchase

The Bench has the most exciting, futuristic vending machines in Tokyo.

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The new Simose Art Museum in Hiroshima houses a floating, futuristic surprise next to the sea

Art appreciation begins as soon as you catch sight of the stylish building itself.

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Neo Shinjuku Atsushi: New cyberpunk restaurant bar serves post-apocalyptic food in Tokyo

Like stepping into a futuristic world where everyone lives — and plays —  underground. 

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How to use the new floating hologram registers at 7-Eleven

Japanese convenience store chain lets us shop like we’re in a futuristic sci-fi movie.

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Floating hologram registers coming to Japanese convenience stores【Video】

Contactless self-checkouts make Japan’s konbini even more konbinient.

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We take a ride on Seibu Railway’s futuristic luxury liner: the Limited Express Laview

The recently added train feels like a blast into both the future and the past!

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Cyberpunk kimono fashion hits the streets of Akihabara, complete with neon sign obi【Photos】

Wearable neon light tubes look set to become the fashion statement of the season.

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The future is here! Coronavirus prevention leads to holographic touch screens in everyday spaces

Soon we won’t have to worry about getting infected by a dirty touch screen!

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Japanese telecom company unveils robot that lets you see, hear, and feel through it【Video】

The only problem is that it looks like a killing machine compared to domestic robot Pepper.

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The future is (kind of) here – Something not quite right with Toyota’s patent for a flying car

It’s 2015, so where are the flying cars? Sure, we have plenty of cool stuff like lifelike anime girl mousepads and plastic bag swimsuits, but where are the flying cars and floating cities that science fiction promised us would exist by now? I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of disappointed.

Thankfully one car company is picking up the slack: Toyota. They recently submitted a patent for their version of a flying car, complete with diagrams and detailed explanations. Is the future we were promised finally going to be a reality? Or is the only thing soaring in the sky our high hopes? Read on to find out!

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Tokyo’s busiest train lines to get luxury “one-man” express pods by next April

Japan is well-known for its packed commuter trains. For decades, smartly dressed men and women have shuffled wordlessly into train cars each morning, all painfully aware that they will soon be getting up-close and personal with total strangers and have nowhere to run, hide, or even breathe freely until their stop. Glove-wearing station staff pack passengers in as tightly as they’ll go without them popping out the other side, each firm shove accompanied by a polite word or phrase thanking passengers for moving all the way inside the car or warning them to keep their various appendages clear of the (just barely) closing doors.

But earlier today, Japan was given a glimpse of a much more civilised, luxuriant commuting experience that may soon put an end to these sardine-can shenanigans. Better yet, this logistical revolution is coming soon: not twelve months from now, commuters will be able to zip into Tokyo in style, lying back in comfortable faux-leather chairs inside sleek, aerodynamic private pods that resemble something out of Minority Report.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the next generation of luxury travel, and its name is Kosoku.

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