kei car

Daihatsune Miku? Virtual idol cruises real roads in her cool collab car design from Daihatsu

Compact car company Daihatsu joins forces with virtual singer Hatsune Miku to make a car design so cute it’ll stop traffic.

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What happens when you mistake the brake for the accelerator in Japan

Parking can be tricky sometimes, but when you’re trying to manoeuvre a large vehicle around tight spaces in a Japanese carpark, things can get a little scary.

Thankfully nobody was hurt in the accident pictured above, yet after the photo was posted on Twitter there was one thing everyone wanted to know: how come the rear wheels were hanging in mid-air?

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Extreme Drifting in Modified Kei Car, Even Better English Subtitles 【Video】

Kei Cars are a Japanese category of vehicles that are too weak to be considered actual cars, but too powerful to be considered go-carts. They are distinguished by their cool yellow license plates (as opposed to a white one for cars with regular-sized engines and larger dimensions) and are loved by those looking for a cheap mode of transportation. Thanks to some clever modifications by extreme driving enthusiasts in Japan, what used to be a measly 660cc engine putt-putt car has been transformed into a lean, mean, drifting machine.

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