Shinjuku Station’s new mascot character gets lost at the station, in more ways than one

Cute character flies under the radar, but there’s a special prize for those who can hunt it down!

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There’s a secret free souvenir hiding inside this Japanese train station

A limited-time memento that pays homage to a local folklore legend.

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19 stunning youkai illustrations to wow your eyes and send chills down your spine

With all the headlines Youkai Watch is grabbing these days, it’s easy to forget that these distinctly Japanese spirits can actually be pretty scary or, at the very least, pretty badass. But these legendary creatures have been around in myths and tales for quite some time, and there’s no doubt that they are nothing short of awesome, in one form or another.

And to help us remember just how cool youkai can be, one anonymous Internet user posted 19 ink illustrations online for the world to see. And once you do see them, we have no doubt you’ll be wishing for me, just like us!

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