Japanese folklore

Newest Hello Kitty collab features Kitty-chan cosplaying as supernatural protector against plague

In the name of anti-bacterial cloth and kawaii, begone disease!

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Japanese yokai starts appearing on Twitter to prevent the spread of COVID-19

People in Japan are turning to the mysterious Amabie to help us through the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Celebrate National Cucumber Day by learning about the cucumber-loving yokai, the kappa

Why DO kappa flip their lids for cucumber? No better time to investigate that than June 14, recognized around the globe as Cucumber Day.

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Tokyo Mask Festival invites visitors to put on a new face and join the masquerade

Author Victor Hugo once said, “Virtue has a veil, vice a mask,” but what if Japanese, contemporary, and fetish masks are your vice? You’ll want to check out Tokyo Mask Festival Vol. 2!

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Japan has cornered the market on weird but cute – a look back into history【Photos】

Japan’s history has such a huge influence on its current trends. In fact, what is old is cool in Japan. Samurai, geisha and ninja are all perfect examples of how Japan loves to romanticize their history and how the past continues to play a role in present day culture. It’s surprising that entertainment in Japan isn’t constantly just remaking old stuff into new stuff! (Oh wait, they are?)

One of the most popular things in Japan right now is Yo-Kai Watch, which combines the thrill of Pokemon with monsters of Japanese folklore. But aren’t the monsters of Japan too scary for a children’s Pokémon-like game? If you haven’t figured it out yet…Japanese folklore is a weird and wonderful place.

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