Ginza Tanaka

Pikachu-ear engagement rings and Pokémon wedding rings for him and her can now be yours【Photos】

Tokyo jeweler creates high-end pieces for big-time Pokémon lovers.

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Life-size gold Darth Vader mask is simply dazzling… and also worth US$1.4 million! 【Pics】

This glittering mask made of solid gold is now on display at the GINZA TANAKA jewelry shop in Ginza.

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We visited the gold Star Wars calendar and Darth Vader helmet in Ginza!【Photos】

A giant, solid gold Star Wars calendar? Yep, and it’s just as insane as you’re imagining!

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Anna and Elsa shine like never before – as million dollar platinum calendars and Christmas trees!

With the popularity of the Disney film Frozen still going strong, Anna and Elsa are sure to feature heavily among Christmas gifts this year here in Japan. Yes, the Japanese public can’t seem to get enough of the movie, with both the young and old singing “Let it go …” (or “Arino mama no…” in the case of the Japanese version) and endless books and tie-in products appearing on the market one after another.

So it didn’t come as a surprise when we heard that a Japanese jeweler had come up with a collection of Frozen-themed jewelry and ornaments for the Holiday Season. What did catch our attention, though, was that the collection from this particular Jeweler, the GINZA TANAKA, apparently included a huge calendar made of pure platinum which came with a price tag of nearly US$1 million! And when we found out that the calendar was going to be displayed for a limited time at their shop in Ginza, we just had to go see it for ourselves — it’s not everyday that you get to see a million-dollar calendar, after all. Join us as we take a look at Anna and Elsa’s beautiful world recreated not in ice but in precious metals!

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Got a spare $286,000 lying around? Get your 24k gold Mt. Fuji replica while supplies last!

With Mt. Fuji having recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site on June 22, souvenir makers have rushed to cash in on the mountain’s new found fame offering everything from rice bowls to beer glasses crafted in the shape of the iconic volcano.
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