Giant floating head appears in the sky above downtown Tokyo【Video】

That’s something you don’t see every day…

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Why Do People Wear Underwear on the Heads?

Recently around the world and in Japan there has been a sudden upswing in the number of people wearing underwear (namely panties or briefs) over their heads.

A photography book full of images of girls doing everyday things with panties over their faces was recently published.  This was only a few months prior to the release of the live-action adaptation of Hentai Kamen (Pervert Mask) manga which chronicles the adventures of a panty-mask wearing hero. Where is all this coming from?

RocketNews24 columnist GO has, much like John Howard Griffin before him, tried to enter deep into the mind of a panty-head-wearer by transforming himself into one.  Here’s what he discovered.

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