This cat ear motorcycle helmet makes for a purr-fect biker accessory

Put on this helmet and you’ll be yelling, “Can’t catch me meow!”

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Neko motorcycle helmets featuring cute cat designs are purr-fect for cosplay and for the road

Cats are continuing on their quest to rule the world, and this time they aim to stop traffic with their cuteness.

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Samurai bling: Crazy armor and helmets from medieval Japan

When people think of Japan, they often think about anime or giant robots or giant robot anime. They are also likely to think of Japan’s medieval version of giant robot anime: the samurai. For many of us, the first introduction we got to Japan was through the amazing films of Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune, leaving with us images of unrelenting master swordsmen.

While the world may mostly be entranced by the swords, it’s impossible to deny the beauty of the armor we also saw on the silver screen. Though surely nothing so fancy was ever actually worn during the years of Japan’s civil wars, right??

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