Struggling Legoland Japan doubling down and becoming Legoland Resort with new hotel, aquarium

After a rocky first year, the blocky travel destination is confident about turning things around.

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Struggling Legoland Japan will shut down for two days a week starting in fall

If you want to visit the Nagoya amusement park on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you’d better go soon.

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We visit Legoland Japan to see if things are as bad as the rumors say

Japan’s newest theme park has gotten a lukewarm reception, and we’re pretty sure we’ve pinpointed the problem.

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Soon-to-open LEGOLAND Japan shows off upcoming menu to delight LEGO-lovers

Now there’s food you’re legitimately allowed to play with.

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Japan is getting its first full-scale Legoland amusement park

But it’s not Tokyo that’s being graced with the block-based attraction.

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See Tokyo on the Cheap, See It in Lego and More

Who doesn’t love Lego?  It’s a toy that has certainly stood the test of time and transcended all boundaries of gender, class and geography with its simple yet endless possibilities.

And who doesn’t love Tokyo? It’s a city that has certainly stood the test of time and grown into quite the cultural mecca of food, science, and art.  However, it’s a big city that requires time to explore fully.  So why not head down to Decks in Odaiba, Tokyo Beach to see the best of it in everyone’s favorite medium – Lego! But that’s not all Legoland Tokyo has to offer.

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