living alone

Living next door to a stalker: Our Japanese reporter recounts the time her neighbour stalked her

Firsthand account is a cautionary tale for women living alone in Japan.

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An increasing number of pets are being left to fend for themselves as Japan’s population ages

Japan’s ageing population is resulting in more and more pets being left to fend for themselves after their elderly owners pass away.

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Moving to Tokyo? Real estate agent picks five best neighborhoods for single residents

Tokyo is a big place, both in terms of population and area, and if you’re moving here from anywhere else, you might be at a bit of a loss in terms of where to look for an apartment. Obviously, a large part of that decisions is up to personal preference, but we do happen to have some advice for areas to look at if this will be your first time living alone!

These five areas were selected by a local real estate agent, so you know they must be good, right?

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Father and son emerge from the jungle after 40 years of self-imposed isolation

What’s the longest you’ve gone being alone? A day? Maybe a week? How about 40 years?

That’s how long one 82-year-old man and his 42-year-old son spent living alone in a jungle located in Quang Ngai province of Vietnam before finally emerging last week.

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