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Turning a crazy cheap country Japanese house into a home — Step 6: Outdoor bathing【SoraHouse】

Every countryside home needs a riverside rotenburo, but will it be the tub of dreams?

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Tokyo condo frees up space by putting a shower in the kitchen

Or is it putting a stove in the bathroom?

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Ikea Japan offering fully furnished apartment to rent for less than a dollar a month

The apartment, which comes complete with Ikea furniture, is being leased by a giant shark.

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Contract bridge: Kobe neighborhood occasionally held hostage by owner of only bridge out

Owner demands 12 million yen from residents for their only way out of the neighborhood.

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Home-hunting in Japan changes as people eye new communities in wake of COVID-19

How the search for a home sweet home is going through these uncertain times.

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Mystery “nail house” discovered in Japan

One of the country’s most unusual property locations.

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Which Japanese city is gaining interest among families and renters? Hint: it’s not in Tokyo

A breakdown of search result data by one Japanese apartment hunting company reveals a big surprise.

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Samurai’s severed head moved in Tokyo, earthquake occurs at his body in Ibaraki

“More care than a nuclear weapon” required to restore the burial mound dedicated to Japan’s most vengeful spirit.

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Burger King opens a rental site to help fast food lovers find an apartment in Japan

The Japanese property market just got a whole lot tastier. 

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Turning one of Japan’s “crappiest properties” into one-meter-sized restaurant hits crowdfund goal

Location, location, location!

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Abandoned Japanese houses transformed into stunning modern homes

Before-and-after photos of revamped vacant houses combine traditional beauty with modern style.

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Old teahouse home in the heart of Tokyo goes to auction

A hidden treasure opposite the Imperial Palace looks set to go under the hammer for a high price.

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Buying property in Japan? This mini tower house can be yours for less than $12,000

The pillar home comes with two levels and an indoor hot spring onsen.

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What to do if you want to lower your apartment rent or avoid paying key money in Japan

And even if the owner won’t budge on the rent, you can still negotiate for some concessions that could save you a ton of cash.

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Five of the worst areas to live in and around Tokyo

While they might look appealing to visitors, according to residents, these suburbs can be hell to live in.

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Open-air toilets, showers for every room among offerings from crazy Tokyo apartment agency

“Pianos permitted” in apartment that’s just a hallway with a toilet.

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Japan’s largest housing website to offer LGBT support in finding tolerant landlords

It may not be the first, but it is easily the largest service of its kind.

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Buildings transform into giant robots in Japanese real estate company’s anime commercial【Video】

When was the last time you sat down to watch a YouTube video by a real estate company? We’re going to assume never, because who even knew that real estate companies had YouTube accounts?

Japan’s Mitsui Real Estate Residential, however, not only has a YouTube account, but their recently posted video is becoming wildly popular. The company managed to combine their housing expertise with the fail-safe giant robot genre to create a short animated series about apartment buildings that transform into giant robots!

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Is Japan itself dying of old age? Premium city real estate auctioned off for next to nothing

It’s no secret that Japan’s elderly population is on the rise while the younger population is on decline. Though everyone from the government to economists is trying to figure out what the ramifications of such a top-heavy population will be, Japan is already feeling some of the consequences.

No place is this more apparent than in Japan’s northern prefecture of Aomori. What was once a thriving area a few decades ago is now by all accounts a snowy ghost town.

The most recent event to highlight just how bad things have become is Aomori City practically give away prime real estate. Why has this happened and just how bad are things in Aomori? Read on to find out!

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Japanese realtors are reaching out to customers with the most nonsensical ads ever 【Pics】

Moving house in Japan is tough business. Even to find an apartment, you need to go through a real estate agent, and all the upfront fees you have to pay to move in can cost you five times or more what your monthly rent will be.

That’s why choosing a good agency who will work with you to get the best deal is important. But with so many agencies around, how can you choose? Some realtors may offer deals like 50% off their agency fees, but others are taking a more… creative approach to draw in customers, by adding silly, ridiculous, or just plain nonsensical catchphrases on their property ads.

Join us after the jump for such advertising gold as: “You can be a big daddy too” and “Decent of the fashion monster”.

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