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Post-election goat scandal rocks Japanese lawmaker

Don’t mess with goats online and expect to get away with it.

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A shocking discovery in Sapporo as 238 cats are found living under one roof in dismal conditions

Officials were quick to move once the property owner noticed something was amiss.

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We visited Tokyo’s samurai-period style cat cafe, and here’s why you should too【Photos】

The Edo Neko Chaya has a beautiful interior, charming kitties, and a heartwarming mission.

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Japanese company releases cute cat paw hand masks and foot covers to support your beauty time

Turn yourself into a kitten with these creative accessories.

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New Kitty Transformation socks from Japan will help keep your feet cute and cats safe

They say cats always land on their feet, and if you’ve got a soft spot for felines, these six designs should be a similarly successful fashion choice.

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Japanese film “Behind THE COVE” defends whaling and dolphin-hunting, screens in the U.S.【Video】

New Japanese film asks, “Who decides which animals are okay to eat and which animals aren’t?”

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“Cat shrine” status causing problems for Japan’s millennium-old Izumoiwai Shrine

Priests struggling to humanely keep cat population under control, asking for visitors’ help.

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Kitty door placards from Japan don’t just look cute, they could save your pet’s life

Magnetic notices convey a very important message about your cats for when you’re not there to speak for them.

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Japanese cat cafe shut down permanently by Tokyo government for animal welfare violations

The discovery of more than 60 cats in a cafe space of 30 square metres (323 square feet) has prompted the first shut-down of its kind in the country.

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Cats in trouble, washing bags, and visual kei bands: What do these three things have in common?

The Japanese Twitterverse has been sharing some handy tricks for rescuing our feline friends in times of emergency.

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Tokyo government orders cat cafe to shut down for violating animal welfare regulations

Forced temporary closure thought to be the first-ever in Japan.

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Japan’s cat cafes expected to get permanent permission to operate past 8 p.m.

Looks like after-dinner kitty coffee is here to stay.

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Nissan reminds us to check for sleeping cats before starting cars with adorable montage【Video】

Cats love to hide in warm spots in the winter, so be sure to check your car before hitting the ignition on cold days!

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Sixth-grader’s tear-jerking essay becomes a project to help stray pets across Japan

Prepare some tissues, then prepare for change.

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An increasing number of pets are being left to fend for themselves as Japan’s population ages

Japan’s ageing population is resulting in more and more pets being left to fend for themselves after their elderly owners pass away.

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Japan Railways implements new innovation to make train tracks safer… for turtles?

Japan is already one of the safest countries in the world for humans, and now it seems it’s about to get a lot safer for turtles too…

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Photos of scrawny-looking lion and tiger raise concerns for Beijing Zoo’s big cats

Zoos bring the thrill of being able to observe wild, exotic animals up close that we normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to see. For young and old alike, seeing one’s favorite animal just a few meters away can be a magical experience, but sadly for the animal involved, the experience may not be a happy one.

With news like the deer who died from plastic consumption and the lonely “headbanging” bear, it seems that recently there are an increasing number of sad stories coming from zoos. Unfortunately we have yet another to add to the list, as photographs of a couple of Beijing Zoo’s big cats surfaced on the internet this past week that beg the question of how well these animals are being taken care of.
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Baby elephants bathing are super cute, but not all elephants are quite so lucky

A video which appeared last week has left the Internet in a state of glee. We are, of course, talking about the adorable baby elephant taking a bath in Thailand! If you love elephants–and how could you not?–it’s sure to put a giant grin on your face.

And we certainly enjoyed the video too, but it also led us to some extremely unsettling articles about how some elephants are treated in the country. Don’t worry, though–it’s not all bad news!

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Enjoy even more “catmosphere” from the Tokyo office that’s filled with cats!

If, like me, you just can’t get enough cats in your life, then you’ll probably remember how last month we introduced you to this Japanese workplace that’s filled with cats! The Tokyo-based IT company which owns nine adorable rescue cats (which are free to play and snooze around the office as they please) has since been posting regular kitty updates to their dedicated Twitter account, so we thought it was about time we updated you!

Join us after the jump for brand-new pics of what has to be the world’s most purrfect work environment!

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Still a ways to go, but animal welfare in Japan is improving by leaps and bounds

We’ve covered some stories in recent months about the distressing state of animal welfare in Japan and shocking cases of animal abuse, but I wanted to let our readers know that isn’t the whole story. Granted, in comparison with many other developed nations, Japan lags behind in this area, but that doesn’t mean it’s stuck in the Stone Age either. Over the last couple of decades, through the hard work of their human advocates, the situation for dogs and cats in Japan has been improving.

In the interest of acknowledging those efforts, recognizing where Japan is getting things right, and just generally bringing some good news to the table, we wanted to share with you some of the positive changes happening in Nihon.

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