We try deliciously meaty US-style “Inside-Out” ramen burgers at Ramen Burger Tokyo

It seems that when Japanese food makes its way over to America, something gets lost in translation and the food winds up inside-out. Just look at California rolls, for example.

And now, here’s another example of Japanese food being flipped: “Ramen burgers” which usually consist of a bun filled with ramen noodles, have been reborn in the US as, um, “ramen burgers”, but with a twist – the meat patty is sandwiched between two “buns” made of tightly packed noodles!

We sent our resident office culinary “expert” Mr Sato down to the first “US-style ramen burger” joint in Japan for a taste test!

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Japanese fast food chain Lotteria continues shoving noodles where they don’t belong

Our long-time readers will remember Lotteria’s famous–or possibly infamous–ramen noodle burgers last May. We even set Mr. Sato off to try out an extra-massive ramen noodle burger and were amazed by his ability to consume gargantuan amounts of food. As strange as the combination of noodles and buns seemed at the time, it apparently earned the company a lot of happy customers, since Lotteria will be bringing back noodle burgers at the end of this month, with a few new twists…

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Cute cat noodles, anyone?!

Ever the popular food, the Japanese noodles nagashi somen (“flowing noodles”) are the perfect treat for those beleaguered by the summer heat. Unlike your typical ramen, udon, or soba noodles, you can’t get nagashi somen in any old restaurant. Using a special set-up, thin, white noodles are sent down a bamboo trough of fresh, ice-cold water. Customers then have to try to catch the noodles with their chopsticks before it quite literally passes them by. It’s both a fun and frustrating experience for hungry patrons.

So what does this have to do with cats?

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