Cappuccino Ramen becomes super popular in Japan, but is it worth the hype?

An “only in Japan” type of meal is going viral on social media.

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Japan’s craziest ramen? Famous noodle chain in Tokyo takes things to extreme levels

You won’t find ramen like this anywhere else.

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Ramen restaurant in Akihabara serves two different types of noodles in one bowl

A “third type of ramen” appears in Japan. 

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Japanese restaurant serves extra wide noodles next to Tokyo Station

Get a taste of a different type of noodle in the heart of Tokyo.

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Sakura ramen brings a touch of hanami flower-viewing to popular Japanese noodle chain

A tasty way to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

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Japanese ramen restaurant chain brings out noodles with cola dipping sauce for a limited time

Why drink cola with your noodles when you can eat it instead? 

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Sea urchin ramen – Not for the faint of heart!

For the ultimate Japanese food experience, sushi or ramen are certainly the top picks. And while sushi covers all the flavors of the ocean and even some less traditional meaty options, ramen remains a steady choice between four main soup stocks: miso, soy sauce, pork and salt.

Of course, more individualistic and unnatural ramen shops exist around Japan, but never before had we heard of a ramen restaurant specializing in sea urchin ramen.

Until now.

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Japanese fast food chain Lotteria continues shoving noodles where they don’t belong

Our long-time readers will remember Lotteria’s famous–or possibly infamous–ramen noodle burgers last May. We even set Mr. Sato off to try out an extra-massive ramen noodle burger and were amazed by his ability to consume gargantuan amounts of food. As strange as the combination of noodles and buns seemed at the time, it apparently earned the company a lot of happy customers, since Lotteria will be bringing back noodle burgers at the end of this month, with a few new twists…

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