How to take a bath for only 0.0000076 yen using ordinary plastic bottles

With Japan entering the new month with a higher sales tax, people are beginning to feel the squeeze. In addition, April is the time of year when many people make big changes in their lives such as moving out on their own. This is already an expensive time made even more so by the economic climate.

One such person is Omocoro writer ARuFa. He feels that he has successfully come up with a way to reduce your water bill drastically by taking baths that would only cost 0.0000076 yen (US$0.000000075). This is his story.

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Yoppi and the Fashion Factory: One man’s magical makeover in Shibuya

On the surface, a lot of guys don’t seem to put much effort into their appearance. This is often mistaken for sheer laziness or apathy, but in these cash strapped times, many men simply lack the funds to look as stylish as they want to.

One such man is Omocoro’s Yoppi, or as he’s known to the rest of the world, “that Japanese guy who was caught looking at cartoon porn on the train.” Struggling on a blogger’s budget he resorts to bland colors and patternless pants. That is until one fateful day when he heard of a contest in the fashionably elite area of Shibuya which promised to make his dreams of looking good come true.

Here is his story.

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The above image depicting a man looking at erotic manga on a train has been circulated wide across the internet. We even made use of it in an article about unusual train behavior. Hardcore readers, however, may recognize this man as Yoppy, a writer from the awesome Japanese humor website Omocoro.

With his new-found fame, Yoppy embarked on a quest to present his website beyond the shores of Japan. But was the world ready for the Japanese-oriented naked-man-heavy content of Omocoro? Find out in this naked-man-heavy article!

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Japanese blog trolls its readers with “advice” for meeting Disney characters, hilarious results

In a very misleading blog post titled “How to easily meet with a lot of characters at Disneyland,” our good friends over at Omocoro decided to troll their readers by taking pictures with random fixtures around the park and pretending that they met with Disney stars. The results are quite adorable, thanks to the addition of googly eyes, though many of the readers less acquainted with the site’s usual antics were woefully disappointed by the comedic content, having hoped for something of actual use.

For those who aren’t aware, Omocoro prides itself on being completely counterproductive. They are the ones who brought us such wonderful pranks as the build-it-yourself Lego bed and the life-size zebra apartment installation, as well as the ever-popular gem, a failed attempt at using Photoshop to turn their ugliest male writer into a sexy-looking lady. Usually, Omocoro saves their meanest tricks for their own staff members, but it seems someone really wanted to take a trip to Tokyo Disneyland on the company credit card this summer….

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How to make café-caliber coffee and snacks with your toilet

Starbuck’s remains a hugely successful coffee chain in Japan drawing droves of workers on a daily basis. Of course, their drinks don’t come cheap, which is why the guys at Omocoro are constantly looking for ways to recreate the Starbucks experience at home and on the cheap like their homemade Frappuccino.

In another experiment they sent writer Kisho into a back room, locked the door, and told him not to come out until he could surpass the Starbucks formula.

It’s been four months, and everyone at Omocoro has forgotten about Kisho’s existence. However, some startling news out of Hong Kong has him racing against the clock to complete his mission or die trying. Here is his story.

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Is Photoshop powerful enough to transform this ugly guy into a beautiful woman?

All over the internet we often see examples of the wonders that can be done with Photoshop and a little artistic talent. It’s enough to make you wonder what the limits of this photo processing software are.

The zebra and lego brick-hiding Twitter experimenters at Japanese website Omocoro believe they have found the ultimate test of Photoshop’s abilities. In this challenge they dare a Photoshop professional to turn one of their writers, named “Mankind’s All-time Foulest Beast”, into the epitome of female beauty using his software.

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What to Do If Suddenly Stuck with 100,000 Toy Blocks: A Management Guide

Being in management is difficult. Sometimes you have to make lightning-quick decisions that you later regret. However, the most valuable members of an organization are the ones that take a risk, fail, and then make success from that very same failure.

The pioneering entrepreneurs at Omocoro are just such business men and would like to share their techniques with you on how to make gold out of 100,000 errantly purchased toy blocks in the following handy guide.

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The Twitter Experiment II: How to Get Replies from Celebrities on Twitter

Thanks to Twitter, we common folk get an unprecedented level of access to the celebrities previously could only gaze at from below. For example, how else but with Twitter could some guy call a multi-billionaire “baldy” directly?

Prominent Twitter researchers at Omocoro – who taught us that attaching clothes pins to your naked body can result in over 1,000 retweets – have developed secret ways to draw tweet replies out of  Japan’s entertainment elite.

Our story begins one January day in the Omocoro editor’s room…

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How to Distribute a 10-Slice Pizza among a 6-Man Staff: A Japanese Management Guide

With Hyper Cool Biz long behind us, RocketNews24 management has been looking for new ways to save money while tightening their sadistic power trip over us lowly workjlsafds;lgha;d… ow!

Upon searching the internet, they were pleased to find a helpful management guide from the guys over at Omokoro, who you may remember from their guide to understanding women and the zebra wedding gift stunt.

Some people find these methods controversial, but nine out of ten of Japan’s largest companies swear by them. If you ask them they’ll never admit it though.

We would like to show you a translated version of this guide so that countries around the world may benefit from the increase in productivity and morale it brings.

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Practical Jokers Install Life-Size Zebra in Friend’s Livingroom as a Wedding Gift, Document the Process

In perhaps one of the best practical jokes ever, Omocoro‘s Editor-in-Chief Tetsuya Shimoda and his co-workers decided to give their friend Mr. Yamaguchi a rather unique gift upon hearing the news of his marriage.

Always taking pride in their presents and already with a reputation for planning great practical jokes, Shimoda and friends hatched a diabolical scheme to send their newly-wedded pal something very special: a life-size model of a zebra, big enough to take up most of the space in any room of their unwitting friend’s house.

And, luckily for us, they documented the entire plan from its conception to glorious finale…

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Man with Terrible Dress Sense Swaps Clothes with Coworkers, Hilarity Ensues

Manic info site Omocoro has a problem on its hands. While the rest of the team do their part to look good and keep up with the latest fashions, one member is letting the side down, and it’s only just dawned on him.

“I’ve been rocking this outfit for years,” admits writer Ueda-san. “Whenever I need to look presentable- whether on stage or at an sponsored event, I’ve reached for these clothes, and I never thought that I might be a poor dresser until co-workers told me that I might want to invest in some new threads…”

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iPhone 5 Cosplayer Waits in Line All Night at the Apple Store, Doesn’t Buy iPhone 5

Apple stores in Japan were the first to sell the iPhone 5 anywhere outside of the United States.  Many Japanese, eager to be one of the first in the world to get their hands on Apple’s hottest new product, began lining up on Sunday, five days before Apple stores were scheduled to start selling the iPhone 5 on September 21.  The line in Ginza, a popular up-scale shopping district in Tokyo, stretched several city blocks.  In Nagoya, 400 people were waiting in line at noon on Friday, four hours after iPhone 5 sales had begun.

Apple store employees and those waiting in line at the Apple store in Ginza enthusiastically counted down from ten to announce the beginning of iPhone 5 sales.  One man even sprayed beer into the crowd.  Amidst all of the excitement of the iPhone 5 sales, two iPhone 5 cosplayers were seen in the crowd. 

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The inability to understand women is a struggle shared universally by men across the world. Luckily, our friends at Omokoro have put together a detailed report titled A Simple Approach to Understanding Women that should offer some insightful help to the clueless male masses.

Our full translation of the report follows below.

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The Bladder Experiment: 6 Japanese Men To Wear Diapers and Compete to See Who Can Hold it the Longest, Tickets on Sale Now!

Longtime readers of our site may remember the story of a Japanese man who was forbidden from leaving work until he could get 1000 retweets on Twitter, resulting in the poor guy sitting naked in the office covered in clothespins.

It looks like the boys at Omokoro, the Japanese website responsible for the incident, have cooked up another humiliating social experiment to subject themselves to: 6 of the site’s staff will don diapers and have a water drink-off to see who can hold their bladder the longest in the ultimate battle of endurance.

Best of all? They’re doing it in front of a live audience and tickets are on sale now!

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