paper cranes

Origami folded by gyaru – The first capsule toy it’s impossible to get a complete set of【Photos】

Flock of cranes folded by flashy women comes with a side of philosophy.

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Low-quality paper cranes folded by young gyaru – Japan’s newest weird capsule toys

It’s not how this origami looks that’s important, but why it looks that way.

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Japan reacts to Hollywood movie about Hiroshima bombing staring Evan Rachel Wood

Perspectives are a tricky thing leading up to the production of One Thousand Paper Cranes.

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Meet Orizuru, the origami paper crane that can really fly 【Video】

For one special little crane who thought he was destined for greater things than gathering dust on someone’s desk, dreams really can come true. The intricately folded origami bird proved that the sky’s the limit when it comes to development in Japan, as he was released to an enthralled audience of onlookers in Tokyo this week.

So how did the impossible become possible? We take a look at the video of the beautiful bird in flight and the team that gave him functional wings after the break.

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Paper cranes sprout legs and boogie in this bizarre video

In Japanese culture, it’s believed that folding one thousand paper cranes will make your wish come true, leading this particular origami creation to represent hope and healing during challenging times. We’re not quite sure if the following video featuring five dancing paper cranes has the ability to heal anything, but it definitely has enough whimsy to make you smile.

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