Does changing your smartphone lock to 8376 bring good luck, as one Japanese book title suggests?

We try to harness the magical power of a new passcode.

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How to stop thieves using your cash cards when you lose your wallet

Simple hack from a former bank clerk in Japan.

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How to rob an idol singer otaku: Look up the birthday of his favorite idol

Momoiro Clover Z supporter gets robbed by fellow fan for having an easy-to-crack ATM card code.

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Chinese man locked out of his iPhone for 45 years

Everyone who has young children and iPhones has probably plucked it from a pair of little hands at one time or another and found that it was completely locked down for one minute because of too many invalid PIN entries.

For most it’s a reasonably minor inconvenience, but for one man in China it became a lifelong commitment as he was asked to wait about 45 years for his next chance to remember his personal identification number for his iPhone 4s. Really though, if he can’t remember it by then, it’s safe to say he never will.

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