retort pouch

Yoshinoya’s year-end lucky bag is more like a lucky box… or bowl?

At least there’s no mistaking what’s inside.

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New Japanese gadget is like a toaster for instant food pouches, gets you fed in a jiffy

Make warming up instant foods even easier than before!

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Instant boyfriend and girlfriend curry pouches now on sale, shopkeepers “worried”

Strolling up and down the aisles of any supermarket in Japan, you are bound to come across several items in sealed vinyl retort pouches. Retort pasta sauce, retort rice porridge, and retort cat food can all be found freshly sealed and ready for quick heating if needed.

Now, all the hassle of landing a boyfriend or girlfriend has been removed, thanks to Retort Boyfriend (Retoruto Kareshi) and Retort Girlfriend (Retoruto Kanojo). Sounds great, but the new product has caused some, like the manager of the Village Vanguard shop pictured above, to become “worried about the future of Japan.”

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