Ryōgoku Kokugikan

Retired sumo champion swaps loincloth for a baker’s apron and their bread wows us 【Taste Test】

More ways than one to get that bread.

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What’s it like to watch a sumo tournament in Tokyo during the pandemic?

We take you through a day at the sumo, with all-new procedures, restrictions and perks for spectators.

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Sumo Wrestlers Greet the World From Tokyo on Google Maps

On April 23, the Ryōgoku Kokugikan sumo hall in Tokyo underwent a massive makeover on Google Maps. Now, the street view reveals a line-up of smiling sumo wrestlers. Once you get past them, you’re free to explore the entire building inside, from the seating area, to the food and souvenir stands and even the sacred dohyō, the ring where the bouts are held. We bring you all the best parts to explore, in easy to navigate clips straight from our page, after the jump.

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