Sankt Gallen

Mark your calendars for the return of Japan’s popular cherry blossom-inspired beer

One of the first glimmers of spring is the appearance of this seasonal beverage that uses real cherry blossom petals and leaves.

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Cherry blossom beer is back in Japan ahead of the start of sakura season

The flowers won’t be opening from their buds for a few more weeks, but you can crack open a bottle of this special craft brew right now.

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Move over pumpkin, it’s time for some frothy apple cinnamon goodness … in a bottle!

It was only a short while ago that we were being inundated with all manner of pumpkin flavored foods and drinks in honor of Halloween. But now that October 31—and all the wild partying surrounding it—has come and gone, people in Japan seem eager to rush into Holiday Season mode, with Christmas displays and illuminations already popping up across town.

Alcoholic beverages are no exception to the trend, and today we thought we’d share with you a beer with a distinctly Christmassy flavor that sounds absolutely delightful. It’s the Apple Cinnamon Ale from Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen, and, for a limited time, the drink even comes in a special bottle with a beautiful Christmas label!

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What’s Better than Chocolate Beer? Chocolate Beer in a Chocolate Glass!

Kanagawa-based brewery Sankt Gallen has been turning heads with their unique brands of chocolate beers. Released on 10 January, these beers provide a welcome change to the typical chocolate gifts of Valentine’s Day (generally, guys aren’t really that into pure chocolate).

But it appears that Sankt Gallen has raised the stakes more with their new combo set of a 330 mL bottle of their Imperial Chocolate Stout, complete with an edible glass made entirely of chocolate.

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Something Dark And Bittersweet Is Brewing in Japan For Valentine’s Day — Chocolate Beer!

If you enjoy beer, I’m sure you’ll agree that beer has no season — a cold glass of beer in the hot summer can be life-savingly refreshing, but a beer in the dead of winter along with a piping hot dish like nabe (Japanese hot pot), can also be heavenly.

One of the reporters from our sister site Pouch introduces us to a unique beer that you may want to savor slowly after a nice meal. It’s a special 2013 line-up of chocolate beer, and it’s available only around Valentine’s Day in Japan! Read More