seasonal drinks

We try the new Chocolate Marron Frappuccino and Latte from Starbucks Japan 【Taste Test】

Like drinking a Japanese autumn. 

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Starbucks Japan kicks off autumn with tempting chocolate and chestnut flavored drinks

Autumn is around the corner in Japan when chestnut flavored products start making an appearance. 

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Starbucks Japan surprises customers with fizzy and creamy strawberry Frappuccinos 【Taste Test】

Do you prefer your strawberries rich or fizzy?

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Starbucks Japan announces its second round of festive holiday drinks, coming soon

‘Tis that time of year, for red and green Christmassy cheer!

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New sakura-flavoured Red Bull to be released in Japan in time for cherry blossom season

Say hello to the world’s first sakura-flavoured energy drink from Red Bull.

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Move over pumpkin, it’s time for some frothy apple cinnamon goodness … in a bottle!

It was only a short while ago that we were being inundated with all manner of pumpkin flavored foods and drinks in honor of Halloween. But now that October 31—and all the wild partying surrounding it—has come and gone, people in Japan seem eager to rush into Holiday Season mode, with Christmas displays and illuminations already popping up across town.

Alcoholic beverages are no exception to the trend, and today we thought we’d share with you a beer with a distinctly Christmassy flavor that sounds absolutely delightful. It’s the Apple Cinnamon Ale from Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen, and, for a limited time, the drink even comes in a special bottle with a beautiful Christmas label!

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