Metal Gear Solid’s composer wants you to chill

Norihiko Hibino wants you to take a moment for yourself. Just relax. Let your worries fade. Get lost in his smooth saxophone sounds.

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Saxophone-playing Taiwanese beauty is pleasing the Internet’s eyes and ears alike【Pics & Videos】

There’s nothing that says you can’t have professional-grade musical skills and model-level looks.

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Japanese dad learns sax in secret, surprises son with moving recital at his wedding【Video】

One of the many duties of parenthood is to watch and listen enthusiastically as one’s offspring perform in plays, concerts and recitals. We’re used to the image of proud parents, amazed and moved by what their children can achieve. But sometimes, that dynamic gets flipped on its head, like in this clever commercial by music school TOSANDO, which brings us the story of one father’s mission to surprise his son on his wedding day with a moving musical performance.

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